Sister Session at Harkness Memorial State Part, CT

Elizabeth and Ally were such a joy to photograph.     These two sisters have been dancing almost as long as they’ve been walking!   Harkness Memorial State Park is where their parents got married, making it the perfect location for this shoot. (How sweet is that!?)     My favorite part of the shoot was at this tree.  I gave them this prompt: “Run towards me, when I say NOW, give each other the biggest bear-hug ever!”   It had been a little stormy earlier that day, which meant we were blessed with clouds and a gorgeous sunset!          ... read more

Romantic Water Shoot

  There are two things I adore capturing, water and love.  When I get to photograph those two things together, I’m in my happy place!     I was beyond excited when these two said yes to this shoot idea (it might help that its my sister and her dear husband)!     It was like watching them dance in water.     Obviously, we had our goofy moments too!     And to top it off, Katrina also wore a set of wings and pretended to be a swimming bird.... read more

Rice Family Session, Buffalo NY

  This family is TOO ADORABLE!     I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Rice family for a few years now.  They are sweet, quirky, genuine, and have such strong bonds of love.     Guys, look at little Ruby’s stockings, they have cats on them!     The best way (in my opinion) to get genuine smiles, is to just have FUN!  The obvious choice, was an impromptu leaf fight.     Sometimes, I just like to sit back and see what happens naturally.     My favorite photo from this session has to be this gem.  There was something so sweet watching this moment unfold below me.     Thank you for choosing me to capture your love!... read more

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