When Life Hits (Pause) 365

When Life Hits (Pause) 365

Another year on pause.


Another year of limbo, in between, almost there but not quite yet.

This is the first fall I’m not returning to school.  In may I completed my masters degree, instead of it ending with an  “!”  it ended with a   “. . .”   now what?

Now I have a confession, life isn’t going the way I had it planned.

This was supposed to be the year that I got into my dream MFA program, the one that would give me the credentials and experience needed to eventually become a professor.  The program was full and I need apply again, I need to wait until next year.  This was the year I could have gotten a full time job as an art teacher.  I came in second, instead, I will be a substitute teacher again.

pause 3

In a lot of ways I feel like I am caught in the middle of   “. . .”   waiting for the next big thing to happen.

This is another year on pause because it’s a waiting period.  Pause is a time for new beginnings.

The beautiful thing about pause is that it gives you time that may not have been afforded before.  Imagine what you could do with a year that suddenly (unexpectedly) becomes empty.  Imagine what an artist can do with a blank canvas.  While in the midst of this “wait a little longer” I am going to hush my incessantly worrying mind and harness opportunity.  There is a “resume” button on the horizon.


This year, every day I will post a new photograph.  Note that I said “post” not “shoot.”  In a typical 365 a photographer would shoot and post a new photo every day.  For the sake of continuing to create series, I will set up 2-4 shoots a week and post daily from them to tell stories immersed in emotion and brimming with fantasy.


This time next year I hope to look back at my “pause” year and see a concentration of growth and creativity.  Who knows, this time next year maybe I’ll be starting on that MFA degree… or maybe I will be somewhere unforeseeable and adventuresome.

So here we go.  Time to press “resume” and move forward into this year with expectancy.

Have you ever faced a (Pause) in your life?


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  1. Yaaayy! Aleah this is so exciting, I think you are definitely looking at this next year in the right way. One of the smartest things any photographer can do with their time is to just create a ton of work, and from what I’ve seen, everyone who has completed a 365 has absolutely jump started their career. I think most people have a bit of a pause right after college where they go, “oh wait…now i have to be an adult and do something with my life.” I know I did haha, but I’m so happy with where life has gone and where it’s going and I can only see bright and beautiful things to come for you as well. Best of luck with your new photo adventure, you know I’ll be watching!! 🙂

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