The Shore of Luminescence

The Shore of Luminescence

Darling, brilliant is the light that has carried you back to the surface.

bathed in light

These waters are silver and the shore is gilded in gold.

bathed in light 2


There are moments when you are the light in a darkened place, and others when lights encompasses and dances around you.

bathed in light 3

Has your situation ever been illuminated for you?

Behind the Scenes

Kristy, the lovely lady in these photographs, is one of my dearest friends.  She is such a light to be around.  I desperately wanted to take some photographs on the beach but had an overwhelming feeling that I was inconveniencing the group of people I was with.  See, it was still at least an hour before the light would be right on the beach… then add on shooting time.  Thankfully everyone was extremely gracious!

If you have ever tried shooting photos at the beach, you know how harsh the light can be, even in the evening.  Unless its cloudy, there is typically only an hour in the morning and evening where the light can be glorious.   When we set out it was still extremely bright.



So we searched the island’s edge for a section in shadow.  Not too far down we found the loveliest of nooks!  It looked like a secret beach… but that’s for another post.  On out way back (and slightly discouraged) we found this magnificent patch of light!


Once we hit the beach it looked as though the water was liquid silver and the shore was composed of golden stones.



*Editing Hint*  When shooting a back-lit scene, make sure you are shooting RAW.  By doing so you can pull more detail in from the highlights and shadows where an image may normally look over-exposed or silhouetted!

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