The Color Red

The Color Red

The color red.  To me, red is unabashedly bold.  It is the first color that catches our eye.  It has the longest wave length and bounds toward our attention first like an eager student in class.  It is the color of life in our veins, the blush on a face, and the petals of a rose.

“Red protects itself.  No colour is as territorial.  It stakes a claim, is on the alert against the spectrum.” – Derek Jarman

It is passionate, it cannot be quiet.  What if Red, in all of her vibrancy, wished to be calm and subdued.  What if she wished to be a color not her own?

Red searches for other colors.

red searches for colors

 Red finds Blue.

red finds blue

Red finds Green.

red finds green

Red finds Yellow.

red finds yellow

Red wishes to change her color.

red wishes she were another color

For this shoot I really did paint myself completely red.  Head to toe.  It was quite possibly the most uncomfortable experience of my life.  Not only was it 85 degrees and dreadfully muggy… but the paint was so sticky and icky that little bugs kept getting stuck on me!!!!  Also, I looked positively terrifying and can only imagine what any passerby must have thought of the spectacle!



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