The Birds In Shed

The Birds In Shed

This project is, perhaps, the most meaningful series I have ever captured.  At the initial planning stage I almost decided to forgo it, scared that I would be unable to do the subject matter justice.  I was also terrified to ask Rebecca to model in it.   I dearly hope that this resonates with you at some level.











Early this year in January, Rebecca received her diagnosis: Lymphoma.  Despite the signs, it came as a shock for all of us.  She has always been the strong, independent one, the one who steps up to help but generally doesn’t need help back.  Abruptly she became the vulnerable one.  The beautiful thing about vulnerability though, is that strength is proven more formidable in feebleness than in strength.  Now, months later she only has one more round of chemo before she is cancer-free!

Many of the grand adventures in our lives begin with a push that thrusts us out of comfort. This push sets a new momentum in our lives. For the lady in this photo, her grand adventure was bestowed upon her, not by choice, and it is one that she must walk forward into. It is through the toughest moments of a journey that test and prove who we are. The most difficult hours and days refine us into beautiful strong people. “The Birds In Shed” series is a story full of symbolism about a girl who’s battle is quiet and who’s victory is magnificent.

Instances in life have a way of forcing a person to pause and consider.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and that out of darkness a marvelous light can emerge.  My hope is that when people see these photos of Rebecca, they will borrow from her vulnerability and strength.

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