Sketch Runs Away

Sketch Runs Away

Sketch was sad.  Life on paper left her flat and lifeless.


Sketch ran away.  Life on paper was two dimensional, and she wanted more.

sketch ran away w

Sketch wasn’t sure what these were.  But maybe these were “friends.”


Sketch will never go back to paper.  This world was so far beyond the borders she had been constrained to . . . and she loved it.


The horses were an unintended addition to the series.  I ventured out into the pasture, noting that the horses were grazing off in the distance.  Shortly into shooting in the empty field, however, I heard the thunderous sound of 40 horses running towards me.

It was one of those moments where you freeze with fear:

I was alone,

I didn’t have my phone,

these things are massive,

and I don’t look like a normal human.

They circled up around me and began curiously nuzzling and sniffing me.  One was particularly interested in my camera on the tripod… he was notorious for photobombing for the rest of the shoot. So for him, here are some of his best bombs.


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