Flutter By

Flutter By

I am not a fan of cutting things out, never have been.  The idea of sitting down to make tiny, detailed, precise cuts makes me uncomfortable, actually sitting down to do it makes me want to crawl out of my skin.  Yet, over the course of 5 hours spread out over 4 days I painstakingly cut out over a hundred tiny butterflies (including the antennas!!! THE ANTENNAS!!!!!).

To say that it was a lesson in patience is an understatement.  The goal, however, of having a complete set of photos in the end was quite a motivational force.  That and the dream of being covered in butterflies!

Butterflies and moths are delicately enchanting, but sadly transient.  Their beauty flutters by and in a moment is gone.  The ancient Greeks called the butterfly “Psyche” and associated it with a person’s “soul” or “breath.”

Wall Art: Flutter ByWall Art: Flutter Bybutterfly 3butterfly 4Wall Art: Flutter By

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