Butterflies with broken wings.

Butterflies with broken wings.

“Today my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings.”

Raine Cooper

There is a brevity to beauty. Every day is between two bookends of a watercolor sky. A caterpillar gives way to wings and soon after sets as the sun.

The forest is dark.

broken wings 1 small

The trees are sad.

broken wings small

The butterfly’s wings are broken.

broken wings 3 small


I still loved the following photos, but they didn’t quite make the cut and didn’t tell the story the way I wanted to convey it.  Also, I owe a huge thank you to Lizzy for braving the insects of the forest!  Not only did she lay on the ground, snuggle a tree, and walk barefoot, but she also became an evening snack for mosquito’s (sorry dear!).

broken wing

broken wings 4

broken wings 5


Before we left the forest I caught a glint of red in Lizzy’s hair.  It was a moment that I could have easily passed by without a thought but I asked Lizzy to stay there for a moment.  When I lifted the camera, the most beautiful light leak appeared.  This series was about the butterflies and the light looked like wings!  After seeing the image SOOC I was determined to do as little editing as possible with the goal of enhancing the existing beauty.



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