BTS: Insult to Injury

BTS: Insult to Injury

“I’ve wanted to be the light one,

the simple one,

the sweet one.

Last night I learned

– or perhaps was reminded –

that I am none of these things.

I am powerful.”

-Michele Gardella


insult to injury s


Golden as the light which filtered through autumn leaves, her wounds wept for the pain callously dealt. And you add insult to injury.

Behind the Scenes!

Kelsie, the lovely lady in these photographs creates absolutely gorgeous ink illustrations.  One of the themes that runs through her drawings is a fox that has been struck by an arrow.

A photo posted by Kelsie (@__seasonpoem) on

I hoped to pay tribute to this theme in the shoot with her!  (Over the summer I worked on this arrow and have been dying to finally use it in a photo!)  These photos represent the pain we feel from wounds dealt by those closest to us.  Kelsie managed to communicate the emotions quite effectively.

IMG_9235 s

IMG_9329 s


IMG_9342 s

As always, have a delightful day!

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