BTS: Insult to Injury

“I’ve wanted to be the light one, the simple one, the sweet one. Last night I learned – or perhaps was reminded – that I am none of these things. I am powerful.” -Michele Gardella Golden as the light which filtered through autumn leaves, her wounds wept for the pain callously dealt. And you add insult to injury. Behind the Scenes! Kelsie, the lovely lady in these photographs creates absolutely gorgeous ink illustrations.  One of the themes that runs through her drawings is a fox that has been struck by an arrow. A photo posted by Kelsie (@__seasonpoem) on May 27, 2015 at 1:25pm PDT I hoped to pay tribute to this theme in the shoot with her!  (Over the summer I worked on this arrow and have been dying to finally use it in a photo!)  These photos represent the pain we feel from wounds dealt by those closest to us.  Kelsie managed to communicate the emotions quite effectively. As always, have a delightful... read more

Accused of “Photoshop”

I use Photoshop on all of my images *gasp!* Honestly, that’s no secret, one look through my portfolio and you’ll see that I use Photoshop on all of my photos.  In fact, its one of my favorite tools to create little worlds of fantasy.  So why did it sting when I was accused of using Photoshop on one of my latest photos? (On multiple platforms!) Because I hadn’t “photoshopped” the area of the photo I was accused of. I felt hurt that I had been accused of being deceptive, of trumping a “manipulated” moon as the real thing.  I also felt discredited.  (That being said, I do see how someone might see it as an editing mistake and I do not wish to slander anyone who saw it as such.) A few nights ago, September 27th 2015, I sat out to watch an incredible natural event: The Supermoon Eclipse!  It was breathtaking, and my camera did the scene little justice.  That being said I wanted to take a few photos to take advantage of the surreal moments. In this photo, I was accused of placing the moon in between the trees and being careless enough to forget to mask the branch back over the moon. The very thing that makes the photo look fake is simply purposeful placement. I used the Stargazer App to locate the exact spot where the moon would rise, and set everything up before the it had even hit the crest of the horizon. The photo below was taken very shortly before the concept photo.  The branches can be clearly seen in front of the moon, by moving my camera... read more

The Color Red

The color red.  To me, red is unabashedly bold.  It is the first color that catches our eye.  It has the longest wave length and bounds toward our attention first like an eager student in class.  It is the color of life in our veins, the blush on a face, and the petals of a rose. “Red protects itself.  No colour is as territorial.  It stakes a claim, is on the alert against the spectrum.” – Derek Jarman It is passionate, it cannot be quiet.  What if Red, in all of her vibrancy, wished to be calm and subdued.  What if she wished to be a color not her own? Red searches for other colors.  Red finds Blue. Red finds Green. Red finds Yellow. Red wishes to change her color. For this shoot I really did paint myself completely red.  Head to toe.  It was quite possibly the most uncomfortable experience of my life.  Not only was it 85 degrees and dreadfully muggy… but the paint was so sticky and icky that little bugs kept getting stuck on me!!!!  Also, I looked positively terrifying and can only imagine what any passerby must have thought of the spectacle! read more

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