Why I didn’t want to do a 365… but did it anyway.

265 days down, 100 more to go. I’ve wanted to do a 365 ever since I saw Alex Stoddard, David Talley, and Rosie Hardy embark on theirs.  So why did it take 5 years before starting my own?   “I can’t be as good as they are.” Why does anyone start a project like this?  To get BETTER!  If you aren’t seeing progress in what you are doing, then you need to shift the way you do it. Yes, talent plays a huge role, but raw talent without refinement will still leave you frustrated knowing you can accomplish more.  Work hard so that your abilities can do your ideas justice!   “I don’t have the time.” Oh really?  But you have time for that tv show, for surfing the internet looking at cat videos, for looking at other people’s work despairing that you’ll never be as good as them? Trust me, you have time, it just won’t be the same amount or type of time every day.  It could be 10 hours on a Saturday and 1-2 hours every weekday.  You might need to shoot a week’s worth of images in one day, plan ahead.  You have the time, but you need to sacrifice less “worthy” things and prioritize yourself.   “I will probably fail.” Take that word off the table.  Don’t give yourself “failure” as a viable option.  Every day may not be the best work you’ve ever done, but we need the hoard of “mediocre” pieces to teach us how to make work that really soars! Give yourself permission to learn and make mistakes, but don’t let... read more

Wall Art: Stoic

As an artist, a lack of resources can be my most glaring limitation.  This limitation, however, forces me to use the materials I do have in a creative way.  Along the way I learn methods of how to bridge the gap. The “Wall Art” series is an exploration of a number of new techniques for me.  I don’t have access to the finest make-up, a high key studio, or a large budget.  Instead I have learned how to work with what is available (and feasible for me): costume body paint, an off camera strobe, and cardboard (oh, and Photoshop of course!). Body Paint: I use a paint from Party City (but I have started experimenting with a cream-blend paint by Mehron).  The paint has all kinds of drawbacks: its dry, crumbly, and delivers spotty coverage. Lighting: One day I would love to learn how to use studio lighting.  Until then, I’ll use my single strobe in a huge light-box and make-do.  Before figuring out the basics of my strobe I used natural window light. Budget: Working with a tiny budget forces you to get creative.  I use cardboard, curtains, fake flowers, and wrapping paper to construct the scenes for “Wall Art.”  The cardboard I use was actually a Christmas gift from my husband’s family last year (I get waaaay too excited about sheets of cardboard and nice boxes… there’s just so much potential!). Photoshop: Some of the “before” pictures are a little scary!   This typically leads to heavy post-production work to smooth out the color (mixer brush & selective color), keep an even texture (high pass), and add dimension (dodge &... read more

Photo Adventure: Taughannock Falls

I love photo adventures.  In fact, given the chance, I’ll probably try to turn even ordinary outings into adventures! Why?  Because it gives you the opportunity to see places in a way that most people don’t.  You climb over fences, look like a total nut, and capture moments of beauty. Back in October I had the delightful pleasure of hopping into a car to road-trip over to Taughannock Falls with Valerie Kasisnski, Alex Currie, and Elaina Trapani. We climbed over barriers, walked through ice cold water till our feet were numb, and ventured so close to the base of the mighty waterfall that all other noise drowned away into its roar. So without further adieu, here’s a little glimpse into our adventure.                ... read more

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